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Birthplace Birthdate
Bielefeld, North-Rhine Westfalia, Germany December 27, 1960

Family Status
Not Married

Military/Civil Service
01-Jul-1980 - 30-Sep-1981
  • Barracks "Marseille-Kaserne" near Hamburg

  • Youth Hostel Ratzeburg

  • Business Mathematics at the University of Hamburg
  • Computer Science at the University of Hagen

  • Dipl.-Wirtschaftsmath. (Bachelor of Science)

Universitarian Assistantships
01-Apr-1986 - 31-03-1989
  • Assistant of the Professor in "Theoretical Computer Science",
    Computer Science Department, University of Hagen
01-Jul-1989 - 30-Jun-1991
  • Assistant of the Professor in "National Economy",
    Economy Department, University of Hamburg

More Studies
27-Sep-1993 - 14-Dec-1993
  • Further Education in Spanish at the Institute Alianza Francesa, La Paz

01-Jul-1991 - 30-Sep-1993
  • Actuary at the Company HERBERT E.G. HOEFER, Mülheim/Ruhr, Germany
06-Mar-1994 - 31-Aug-1994
  • Actuary at the Company BISA, La Paz
01-Jun-1995 - 30-04-1996
  • Actuary at the Company BERAG, Düsseldorf and Bremen
01-May-1996 - 25-Aug-1996

  • Journey throughout South America (Bolivia, Perú, Colombia, Ecuador).

Beginning 27-Mar-1997

  • Webdesigner at the Company Khainata Web-Designers, Foundation Member, La Paz

Actual Position
Beginning 09-Apr-1999
  • Independent Actuary in Bolivia

  • Shareholder and Foundation Member of "PML - Consultores Asociados de Seguros Ltda.", an Insurance Consultancy, Santa Cruz, Bolivia
  • Foundation Member of "FUNVISOL" (Fundacion Vida Solidaria), a foundation for Social Life Insurances with the backing of the government, La Paz, Bolivia

More Education
  • Exam "Mathematical Foundation of Risk Measurement" takem. Provided by PRMIA (Professional Risk Management International Association, Headquarters: Maryland, Website: Final Score: Passed
  • Exam "Probability Test" taken. Provided by SOA (Society of Actuaries, Headquarters: Illinois, Website: Final Score: Not Passed.
Since 11-Dec-2009
  • Online Seminar "Financial Mathematics" taken. Provided by "The Infinte Actuary" (Website:

Since 18-Jun-2009
  • Member of the IAA Section "Actuaries without borders" (AWB, Headquarters: Ottawa, Canada)
Since 8-Nov-2009
  • Member of PRMIA ("Professional Risk Management International Association", Type of Membership: Sustaining Member of Emerging Markets.

  • "Cálculo del Valor en Riesgo" (written in Spanish)
  • "Monte Carlo-Simulation und Varianzreduktion in Theorie und Praxis" (written in German) and corresponding spreadsheet

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