Stick on Magnetic Sheet

stick on magnetic sheet

We have all seen the adverts of the stick on magnetic sheet that can be used to hold a CD or DVD for transport, but what is it exactly? The stick on magnetic sheet has been manufactured in an effort to provide the convenience of using a magnetic surface to hold the disc in place, without the need to have the disc secured to the floor. As long as you are holding the magnetic surface by your finger and not holding it with the tapered end of a pencil, then you will not be able to remove your magnetic surface with the CD or DVD, even if you wanted to.

The sticky magnetic surfaces that the stick on magnetic sheets use are designed to attach to CDs or DVDs, while providing you with a secure surface on which to hang your favourite CD or DVD. These magnetic sheets come in a number of different sizes and designs and are available in a range of different colours to match your personal preferences. They are also available with a number of different magnetic properties, such as allowing the surface to stick to most surfaces and providing a smooth surface when pressed flat or rolled out to a particular length.

While the stick on magnetic sheets are not the most durable materials, they are certainly more than adequate to give you the same level of security that traditional tapes offer, without the need for you to actually physically take your CD or DVD from the packaging. When you do decide to remove your magnetic sheet from your CD or DVD, it should be easy to take it apart, and you should not be required to remove any of the magnetic properties that the sticky surface of the sheet offers in order to make it more difficult to remove from the CD or DVD.

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