The magnetic hovering top

The magnetic hovering top is a fun, new addition to the marketplace. It has been called a hovercraft, but really it’s more like a hover chair. But, it is a lot more than that because when you stand in the hovercraft top, a magnetic force will cause you to be drawn into the hovercraft and be suspended there until you release your grip.

magnetic hovering top

This type of hover top works on the same principle as a hoverboard. You have two poles that are attached to the top that are the legs of the hover top and a third pole that is on the bottom that is designed to hold you in place. There is a piece of magnetic material that sticks to the bottom of the hover chair and this magnetic material has a magnetic field that causes you to be attracted to the top of the chair. As the magnetic force of the magnetic hover top is pulled by the magnetic attraction it pulls you into the hover chair. If you do not release your grip, your body will move to the center and then back to the hover top.

This device is made so you can stand on top of the top and there is no need for a car seat or any other type of car seat. Once you are attached to the top of the hovertop, it can be carried anywhere. And once the hover chair is out of your reach, all of your weight and gravity will pull it down until you release your hold on the top. You can easily carry the hoverchair with you anywhere you go and there will be no worries about your top getting knocked over because of a child accidentally jumping onto it.

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