What Are Neodymium Magnetic Balls?

Neodymium Magnetic Balls

Neodymium Magnetic Balls is unique balls made of neodymium that are a special kind of magnetic material. It is similar to NERF balls but stronger due to its unique construction. These Magnetic Balls are used by children and professionals alike because they are safe, effective and not harmful. This ball has several applications such as for advertising, for education, as medical implants, etc. It is widely used as a promotional and educational tool and is manufactured by the Neodymium Company in Australia.

The Buckyballs Neo Cube 3.0 mm is an amazing electronic device like none in the universe. The Cube consists of 512 individual rare earth high-energy rare iron magnets manufactured of boron, iron and neodymium, but with exceptional hardness qualities not present in common neodymium spheres. The cube has a flat interior and an external surface with numerous tiny spheres of varying sizes. Neodymium sphere magnets are extremely useful for weight loss, for example by helping the body digest and absorb food. The Neodymium cubes used in this product have also been used to help heal the skeletal system and to improve bone density.

While the original use of the Buckyballs became popular as a promotional and educational tool, it soon began to be used for more practical purposes such as weight loss, muscle toning and strength development and the development of new body cells. The latest addition to the uses of the powerful, rare earth magnets of the Neodymium Magnetic Balls are its ability to stimulate new growth cells. Since the cells produced by these balls are not like other normal cell types, they are capable of staying alive for much longer than other similar cells and can in some instances develop into fully functioning tissue. Because of this ability, this particular type of Desk Toy has become a popular tool for children, who have found it to be both fun and beneficial while helping them to grow and develop naturally.

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